A duo or trio of illustrations

These two mixed media illustrations were created along side each other, along with another which so far I have not worked on. For these I worked on Matt Board which I really enjoyed using and will certainly use again as my substrate.
‘Angel Above’ 

‘The Genius in Me’
I will finished the 3rd one, but until then here is all three in the early stages.
Yes these two are already in store.  😉
Hugs & Smiles,
Kyles   =D

8 thoughts on “A duo or trio of illustrations

  1. I like to work on pieces side by side, too….
    like birthing art work siblings….haha!

    These are adorable so far! I just love the way you paint eyes 🙂

    Big hugs,


  2. Its been great to catch up with your blog, seeing you on my blog today gave me the reminder i needed 🙂 having been a fan of your art since i saw your paintings on Flicker,
    love your whimsical style, must try matte board if i can get hold of it x


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