20% Off Sale – Extended

I’m having a 20% off sale in my etsy store and have extended it until September 9th 2016. Some of you got confused with the difference in time zones, so now you have more time.

14188425_10155168911648136_1683483874052777510_o copy

The first round of Journal Playground was a great success and I am so pleased with the results. I’ve since added more content for the next round.

In this upcoming round, which begins October 3rd, you will learn how to make 5 different journals, which can be used for both journaling and/or art journaling.

If you love journals, love writing and creating in them, then this is the course for you. Make all of your journals between now and the end of the year and spend 2017 filling them up.

Don’t miss out on this discount.  Visit my store, Blissful Pumpkin and at checkout use the coupon code BLISSFUL20.


For more information visit here. I do hope to see you there.


Kyles =D


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