I Have A Secret

Yes, that’s right. I have been working hard behind the scenes on my next creative adventure. I can’t spill the beens just yet, but stay tuned for the exciting news. I’m so excited I almost can’t contain it.



When was the last time you did something new and challenged yourself? When was last time you went outside your comfort zone?

‘Your discomfort zone is where you learn and grow.’

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Kyles xo


20% Off Sale – Extended

I’m having a 20% off sale in my etsy store and have extended it until September 9th 2016. Some of you got confused with the difference in time zones, so now you have more time.

14188425_10155168911648136_1683483874052777510_o copy

The first round of Journal Playground was a great success and I am so pleased with the results. I’ve since added more content for the next round.

In this upcoming round, which begins October 3rd, you will learn how to make 5 different journals, which can be used for both journaling and/or art journaling.

If you love journals, love writing and creating in them, then this is the course for you. Make all of your journals between now and the end of the year and spend 2017 filling them up.

Don’t miss out on this discount.  Visit my store, Blissful Pumpkin and at checkout use the coupon code BLISSFUL20.


For more information visit here. I do hope to see you there.


Kyles =D


The ‘Journal Playground’ winner is….

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway to win a free place in my upcoming mixed media, art journaling class ‘Journal Playground‘.
JP Heading Dkr TurqThe 5 lucky winners are:

Karen Morningstar

Darcy Wilkinson


Anne Spiteri

Bev Langby

Congratulations ladies. I will contact you all shortly via email with all the information you need to begin class come Feb 1st.

If you missed out you can still enrol here.


Kyles xo

A Giveaway to ‘Journal Playground’

Would you like to win a place in my upcoming online course ‘Journal Playground’? ‘Yes!’, I hear you say. Great, then all you need to do is one of the following things:

  • Copy and paste one of the following paragraphs to Facebook (making sure you have included a link to my website, http://www.kyliefowler.com) and then come back to this post and leave a comment down below to let me know that you did. If you don’t let me know that you’ve shared, then I won’t know to add you to the giveaway.

“Win a free place in ‘Journal Playground’, a 4 week online course, focused on making art journals, protective covers as well as 4 weeks of inspiring art lessons by artist Kylie Fowler”

“A Giveaway! I’ve just entered to win a place in Kylie Fowler’s upcoming online course, ‘Journal Playground’. You can enter at www.kyliefowler.com

“I’m so excited for this upcoming online class, ‘Journal Playground’ by Kylie Fowler. To win a free place visit www.kyliefowler.com

  • Write a blog post about the giveaway, with a link back to this post.

I have 5 places to giveaway. Giveaway winners are announced  25th January 2016.

Entries have closed. The winners are announced here

If you have already purchased a place in Journal Playground, you are still able to enter. If you win a free place you will then have the choice of a refund or to gift it to someone you know will love this course.

Find out more about the course here.

Willowing Ad 150x300

Best of luck

Kyles xo


5 Steps to Finding Your Art Style

5 Ways

1. Don’t force it. Create often. Create because you love it. Style is something that develops naturally over time and is not noticed in one painting, but over many. Others will tell you if they recognise your work, probably well before you think you even have a style. Style is the last thing you should be concentrating on, but instead you should be enjoying your creative journey while your style inevitably develops.

2. Enjoy the journey & don’t compare.  Accept where you are at the moment on your journey and understand that everyone else, regardless of their skills, are at different stages of their own journeys. Therefore it is crazy to compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique and so shall your artwork be. Can you imagine how boring art would be if we all produced exactly the same thing?

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”– Judy Garland

3. Experiment and play. You can learn a lot from experimenting. Get out your supplies and play with each and every one of them. See which you prefer to use and which you don’t. Try using supplies together that you haven’t used together before. What happens when I put ink over watercolour? What happens if I use masking fluid under Acrylic paint? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different supplies, different techniques, different sizes of paper, canvas, wood etc. Even if after a day of creating the only thing you have learnt is what ‘not to do’. You have still learnt something.

A step forward is still a step in the right direction, not matter how small.

4. Be true to you and what you are drawn to. (Excuse the pun, lol) Ask yourself, what it is that you like to draw/paint? What type of paintings do you like? What are they about? What is it that you like about them? Are you into portraiture or real life? What about landscape or abstract paintings? Maybe you like to doodle and might like to get into Zentangling. Maybe you want to combine the things you love into one painting/drawing. There is no wrong way to approach your artwork, only different ways. Do what you find the most enjoyable. Aim to please yourself before worrying about pleasing anyone else.

Do what you love and the love will follow.

5. Learn from as many different artists as possible. You will learn different things from different people, so take as many classes as possible from as many different artists as possible, either in person or online. You will take with you the skills and inspiration that resinate with you and leave the rest. Eventually you will have a plentiful supply of skills and inspiration to draw from and instinctively come up with your way of doing things, leading to your style. To find out more about my online classes, click here or for my collaborative courses, where I teach with other instructors, click here.

If you create often (as well as experiment with supplies, techniques and learning from different people),  your style will inevitably shine through.

Happy creating,

Kyles =D

And The Winner Is………


The winner of a place in the upcoming online course, Let’s Face It is
…….drum roll…………

Lin Mujaj

Please contact me Lin so I can forward on your details to Kara Bullock.
Thank you to all who entered.
Registration is now open. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Sign up for early bird discount here.


Kyles xo

Let’s Face It! A New Online Class is Here!


Hello Lovely Peeps!

Want to learn how to create beautiful Faces?

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a part of a brand new, awesome course titled “Let’s Face It”. LET’S FACE IT is a course created and hosted by Kara Bullock from Kara Bullock Art. It is for anyone that wants to practice creating faces and portraits, but is especially designed for those of you that have felt scared or intimidated to do so at some point in your life. Together with 16 other amazing artists who love to draw and paint faces, want to share with you our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our beautiful faces and portraits.

You will leave this course feeling confident enough in your skills to never feel intimidated again!

Click here to find out more about LET’S FACE IT.

I’ll be teaching you how I go about creating my beautiful girls. Below is an example of my girls of some of my beautiful whimsical girls.

Wintery Weather-Kylie Fowlerkyliefowler.comYour Dreams Are Worthy-Kylie FowlerI Can SeeYou-Kylie Fowler

This course is not open for registration yet! However, you can read more about this course and bookmark this page so that on October 15th, you can come back and register. What is even better is that if you register by December 1st, you will get a discount on the price! YES!!! Awesome, right!?!?

I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team of teachers and guess what else!?!?! I get to give away one free spot in this course to one of you!!


To enter the give away do the following:

For your chance to win a free place in ‘Let’s Face it’, simply do all 3 of the following:

  1. Like my Facebook page

2. Follow me on Instagram

3. Sign up for my newsletter

Come back and comment below.

For an extra entry share this page on any social network and come back and comment letting me know where you shared it and a link if possible.

I will announce the lucky winner on the 18th of October 2016. 3 days after sign up opens.

If you win the giveaway, but have already signed up, you will then be given a refund or you may gift the spot to someone you think would love to take part in this course.

In the mean time, click here and book mark this page so that you can come back on October 15th and sign up!!

I can’t wait to begin this journey with each of you!!


This giveaway has now closed. You can find out if you were the winner HERE.




Kyles xo

Donna Downey Workshop at ‘The Nest’

Spent the previous weekend at ‘The Nest’ attending Donna Downey’s ‘Metamorphosis’ workshop in Byron Bay, Australia. It was a brilliant weekend jam packed with creativity, fun and frivolity, with some lovely like-minded creative souls.

Photo courtesy of Donna Downey
The before and after pics of one of the projects that we completed during the workshop.

Hope you are having a wonderful, creative week. Hugs, Kyles xo

Soul Food Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all the ‘Soul Food’ entrants, but there can only be one winner. The winner is ………….

Congratulations Helen. Heather Santos will be in touch with you shortly. I look forward to seeing you in the course.
For more information on this upcoming course, click the image above or here.

Announcing Soul Food 2015

I have some exciting news to tell you. I will be teaching in another collaborative course next year, with some more great artists. Man am I blessed?

The Details:

Soul Food will run at Community Thrive, from Feb1 – April 30 2015

What you can expect: 

  • 3 Head Chefs: Mystele Kirkeeng, Heather Santos and Jeanette House
  • 17 Sous-Chefs
  • 2 video instruction mixed media lessons per week for 3 months
  • Each artist’s favourite comfort food cooking recipe
  • All downloadable videos
  • Classroom access through Dec 31, 2015
  • Access to a private Soul Food community group on Facebook
  • 10% discount available to our SF 2014 alumni
  • 10% discount on Slimline SF 2014 [featuring the head Chefs’ 17 lessons]
  • 10% discount on a new class that we’ll be announcing on April 1, 2015!

Registration will open on January 1, 2015, and you will need to be a member at Community Thrive in order to purchase and participate in Soul Food. 
The community is free to join and you can register hereWhen your registration is approved, you’ll find the Soul Food purchase link here [from January 1, 2015].

To celebrate I’m offering 1 FREE place on this 3 month mixed media online course.  All you need to do is leave a comment below.  Entries drawn on Dec 3, my 40th birthday.

Good luck. 
Kyles =D