While There’s Life, There’s Hope

This painting was inspired by two fellow artists, Cathy Bueti and Dee Champion. Both of whom are beautiful, inspiring, strong women who also happen to be cancer survivors.
Cathy is also the author of ‘Breastless in the City‘, which I read from cover to cover, in record time I must say. It was one of those books that once you begin reading you can’t put down. Definitely worth reading. To read more about Cathy’s book you can visit her here where you will also find a link to her blog.
I first met Dee on Tamara Laporte’s art website, Willowing.ning. This led me to her blog where I read about her survival story.
These two amazing women, strangers from across the globe, were the inspiration for this mixed media art piece. Thank you Cathy and Dee.
‘While There’s Life, There’s Hope’

This is now in my Etsy shop.
Kyles =D

16 thoughts on “While There’s Life, There’s Hope

  1. I am truly most honoured by this Kylie and feel so humbled at the same time. Rather than taking things away from my life I prefer to view cancer from the point that I have gained so much. Without cancer I wouldn't have embraced my artistic persuits as much as I have and therefore I wouldn't have come to know such wonderfully inspiring and nurturing tutors such as yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the wonderful opportunities that you have given me to live for xxx


  2. Kylie – what a lovely and generous lady you are to make this offer. I'm going to pass on this post to my online friends. Sending big hugs and thankyou for this wonderful opportunity.


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