My Interview & A purchase from Juliette Crane.

The lovely Deborah, from Scat N Style, has featured me and my artwork on her blog. You can read my interview here. Wow! Can you believe it? The universe is so good to me at the moment. I must have done something right, somewhere along the line.
Deborah is a Jazz singer who’s blog is dedicated to music and art appreciation. There are many interesting interviews on her blog, so grab a coffee and read through a few on them, maybe even mine.
You can find her on facebook also, where she mentions my interview.
Don’t forget it’s not too late to enter my Life Book Giveaway, if you haven’t already done so.Β 
I have another secret………………..and yes, it is as awesome as the last………..stay tuned for this one.
I hope life is treating you well.
Kyles =D
Just thought I’d show you what arrived in my mailbox.

How beautiful is this. I brought this from fellow Life Book teacher, Juliette Crane. She has a beautiful selection of prints and original artworks in her shop. You can view her post on this and two other gorgeous journals here. She didn’t have them long, as they sold like hot cakes. I was one of the lucky buyers and LOVE it.

15 thoughts on “My Interview & A purchase from Juliette Crane.

  1. I'm getting an error right now when I try to go to your interview so I'll have to go back to it later. My internet is acting up since yesterday night.

    I don't know if I congratulated you on the teacher spot at Life Book. Yay for you! :)) I already won a free spot so I won't be entering but that means that one lucky person will have more of a chance to win. πŸ™‚


  2. Congratulations on your interview. Great stuff and well deserved. I am interested that you are doing a printmaking course, this is something I would love to do.


  3. @linda Hi Lovely Linda,
    Thank you. I was very shocked and pleasantly surprised when Deborah asked me if I wanted to be interviewed.
    The course I'm doing is 'Diploma in Visual Arts'. As I'm taking one subject at a time, it will take me a long time to complete. However I'm more interested in being there and learning, rather than getting a dipoma. This year is my first year of printmaking; and I must say, it has taken me almost all year to start enjoying it. At this stage I've only finished a lino cut and am almost finished a vinyl cut. The rest of the class has done many more things though. I am very behind, but that's ok with me, as I'm in it for the journey, not necessarily the end product.
    Kyles =D


  4. @Beth

    G'Day Beth,
    Thank you for the congrats. Yes, my secret will be revealed all in good time…he he he .
    It was a good find wasn't it. I love it. It's even more adorable in person. I'm thinking of making something similar myself, sometime down the track.
    Kyles =D


  5. Dear Kylie-I just read your interview and…I was amazed at how you juggle 3 kids + artmaking + everything else!! You absolutely inspire me!! And your portraits are just over the top fantastic too BTW. LOVE!!! It's so amazing that your are going to be one of the teachers at the Life Class. I really wanted to take the class but…the timing is all wrong for me…but maybe next time. I also love how you are working on an art diploma…I would love to do that when Tara is a little older. xxx


  6. @soraya nulliah
    Thank you very much Soraya. You have made my day. My kids are now 7,6 and almost 5. When Tara is older and the time is right, you will get more things done for yourself. Things get easier as kids get older. Time seems to fly by so fast, that one minute it feels like they were born and the next minute they are 6 or 7.
    I will leave you with this:
    Where there is a will, there is a way.

    Thanks again,
    Kyles =D


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