New Whimsical Mixed Media Art Prints

I thought I’d share with you one of my latest mixed media art creations. I wanted to create a piece that represented how I feel when I’m painting or drawing. Actually, it’s how I feel when I’m creating in any shape or form. 
The words on the left say: ‘Look into the windows of my soul and you will see a Blissful Me’. The words on the left say: ‘Follow Your Bliss’. 

‘Blissful Me’
Prints available in my Etsy Shop.
Your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Kyles =D

14 thoughts on “New Whimsical Mixed Media Art Prints

  1. This is so beautiful I feel like getting up out of my seat and dancing with her. Love the huge smile and how you have painted such cute lips. Welll the eyes, beautiful! Every part of it shouts Joyful!
    Love it!


  2. Hi NatashaMay, Thank you very much. I started on her quite a while ago and thought I'd better finish projects before I start any new ones. I have a bad habit of doing that. I have so many unfinished creative projects. I declare 2011 the year for unfinished projects……lol. So look out.
    Thanks again.

    Kyles =D


  3. G'day Jules,

    Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments.I'm glad you feel the joy in this painting, as this is exactly how I feel when I paint, when I go to my 'happy place', when I'm in 'the zone'. =D
    Being an artist I bet you know what I mean.
    Thank you again.

    Kyles =D


  4. Hi Kyles,

    She is such a cutie and so good to lift my spirit and I love the colors as well … very soothing 🙂
    Take care and have a wonderful day!

    Ansota 😀


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