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Welcome, welcome, welcome.

I am so happy you made it here. Thank you very much for signing up to Journal Playground. It’s been in the planning stages for a while now, but I am so excited that it’s finally ready to share with you.

Welcome to the Early Birders, eager and rearing to go I hope. The class room is set up for you early birders and may look a little different once classes officially being on Feb1st, the most obvious being the rest of the 1st weeks videos….Yay!

Some housekeeping before we begin and some handy Links:

Although the class is not yet Live, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at, with the subject title: Journal Playground. Please bear with me in replying as I am on holidays at the moment, preparing and enjoying the silly season.

The Facebook group will be available to join come Feb1st. An easy access link will be inserted here when class begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just one more important message:

Thank you very much Early Birders for getting in early and joining me in Journal Playground. At any stage throughout this course that you would like to offer me a testimonial, please send me an email with your testimonial (what you thought about the class), with the subject line: JP Testimonial and I will include it on my website. Don’t forget to include your first and last name, as well as where you are from, so I may include this into the testimonial. If you would like your website or FB Page link included, don’t forget to include that also. Thank you very much. You are amazingly Awesome.

Hugs, Kyles xoxo

Handy Links:     Week 1