Mixed Media ATC Swap

Here are my ATC’s that I created and swapped over at Willowing.ning.com.  My lovely partner for the month of January was Nicole Pipoly. The theme for January was ‘Ladybugs’ and here are mine:
Hope you’re having a glorious day,
Kyles =D

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Mixed Media ATC swap. For Lucy.

The theme for the month of November was ‘Ancestors’ and I was partnered with the lovely
Prudence Pudleduck of ‘Puddle Duck Grange’ blog.
Here are the ATC’s I sent to Debi:

I don’t think they photographed very well, so I was reluctant to post them. So at the request of sweet
Lucy Chen, here they are.

Kyles =D

ATC Swap with Kirstin McCulloch

The theme for the month of December was ‘Baby Animals’ and I was lucky enough to be partnered with the lovely Kirstin McCulloch of ‘Listening to the squeak inside’ blog.
You can view her amazing work on blog or her Flickr site.
Here are my ATC’s I sent to Kirstin:
If you feel like you want to be apart of an ATC swap, pop on over to Willowing.ning.com. Who knows, you may end up being my swap partner.

Big Smiles,
Kyles =D

Famous Paintings & Heros ATCs

I forgot to show you a few ATCs I have received over the last few months.

For my August ATC Swap over at Willowing.ning.com. The lovely Beth Gould, from ‘Dreaming of Tomorrow‘ was my partner and boy did I receive two wonderful ATCs.

The theme for the month was: Famous Paintings. You can see the two I sent Beth here. These ATCs below are the two I received from Beth. Aren’t they great? There is even a little pearl bead glue to ‘the girl with the pearl earring’.

The theme for the month of September was: Heros. The lovely Laura Zato Clemons sent me the ATCs below. Aren’t they beautiful? You can see the two I sent to Laura here.

So, as you can see (especially if you’ve been following me for a while), I have a wonderful collection of ATCs. I just need a way to display them all in my studio. Any ideas?

I hope this post finds you well.
Kyles =D

ATCs and my Life Book Box

Here is a sneak peak at a few ATCs I’ve been working on.
Here are the ATCs I made for last months swap over at Willowing.ning.com.
Here is the two I received today from Gretchen Schroeder. They are so cute.
And here is a sneak peak at my Life Book box that I’m creating, to store the artwork in that I create over the course.
Best Wishes,
Kyles =D

What Super Hero Are You?

Angel Super Hero by Blissful Pumpkin

Angel Super Hero, a photo by Blissful Pumpkin on Flickr.
Just something I created for a local exhibition here in my home town of Horsham (Victoria, Australia). The theme was ‘Heros’ and the only guideline was that it had to be postcard size.
I hope you like it. She was fun to create.
Speaking of ‘Heros’, the theme for the September ATC Swap over at Willowing.ning.com was…….. you guessed it, Heros. Here are my entries, which are now on there way to their new owner and swap partner, Laura Zato Clemons.

I hope this blog finds you well. By the way, if you were a super hero and could only have one power what would it be? What would you call yourself and why?

Kyles =D

Inspired by Mogdalini

Inspired by Mogdalini 1 of 2 by Blissful Pumpkin

Inspired by artist Amedeo Modigliani. 
The theme for August’s ATC swap over at Willowing.ning.com was ‘Inspired by famous paintings’. These are my two contributions, which now belong to Beth Gould. You can find her blog at Dreaming about Tomorrow.
I’d love to hear what you think. 
After I created these two ladies, I was still feeling pretty inspired by Modigliani’s artwork, so I created several of my own girls. Stay tuned, as I will include them in an upcoming post.

Kyles =D

I corrected my mistake on my mixed media ATC.

ATC Dreams 1 - Corrected by Blissful Pumpkin

ATC Dreams 1, a photo by Blissful Pumpkin on Flickr.
I thought I’d share with you my corrected ATC from an ATC Swap on Willowing.ning.com. I triple checked the spelling this time. he he he

What a BIG mistake? Can you spot it?

Dreams ATC 2  by Blissful Pumpkin

These two ATC’s were created for the July ATC Swap on willowing.ning.com for Anette Husum. This month’s theme was ‘Dreams’.

It wasn’t until I scanned them into my computer that I noticed my HUGE mistake.Woops! I can’t believe I never noticed it until now. 

So Annette, if you read this, I will be sending you another ATC to replace my dodgy one.

I’m so glad I can laugh at myself. 
Can you see my mistake? Has this ever happened to you? I’m so glad this was only an ATC and not a large painting.

Summer ATC’s for Willowing Swap

My ATC’s for Louise on Willowing.ning.com‘s June 2011 ATC SWAP.
The theme for this month was ‘Summer Song’ I’m really into adding text into artwork at the moment and have a few pieces that I’m working on, using text.

ATC - Sunny Day 2 by Blissful Pumpkin
 As always, your feedback is appreciated.