Mixed Media Artwork X-Mas Sale

I’ve reduced the prices of my original mixed media artworks in my store in time for Christmas. These prices will be reviewed after December 25. If you’ve ever wanted some of my artwork to brighten up your home, work or studio, or if you’re in need of last minute Christmas gifts then pop on over to my store. You wont be disappointed. Well….. hopefully not.
Here are a few new items I’ve juts finished off.

Don’t forget to check out the X-Mas Section in my store for even more discounted items.
I hope you are all prepared for the festive season. 
Hugs, Kyles =D

New Whimsical Artwork

 Here are my newest five mixed media paintings. They were all created simultaneously, hence the similarities in the backgrounds.
‘Love with All Your Heart’

‘Laugh Often, it’s Good for the Soul’

‘Sing Loud and let Your Story be Heard’

‘Hold Your Head High’

‘Doggy Smile’
 They each measure 4″ x 4″ (10.2cm x 10.2cm) and were created on canvas boards. They look great on mini easels.
 I’d love to hear what you think about them.
They are not available in store yet as I’m having problems with my Paypal account, but I’ll let you know when they are. Send me an email at BlissfulPumpkin@optusnet.com if you are interested in purchasing any of these cuties before they hit the store.
These beauties are now in store. =D

I hope you‘re ready for the silly season ahead. 
Hugs, Kyles =D 

Celebrate – My newest whimsical mixed media page

I thought I’d show you my latest page created during LifeBook. Can you believe that over 300 people have enrolled in LifeBook 2013 already.
This page was created from one of Tam’s lessons.
So if you’ve been thinking about signing up, what are you waiting for? You can join up here.
Hugs, Kyles =D

Travel Journal Sneeky Peek & WOYWW

Here is a sneaky peek at my mixed media art journal that I used while I was in Europe recently, as promised.

I quickly whipped up a travel size watercolour journal to fit into my carry/hand bag that I kept with me throught my travels, using 300gm watercolour pages as well as some beautiful scrapbooking pages. Yes the front cover lacks some pizazz,  but that’s a job for another day.

 This is the AMAZING Peerless colour palette I made before I left so I didn’t have to take too many supplies. I learnt how to create this from the talented Jane Davenport. You can see how to make one for yourself here.

 I used only the Peerless Watercolours for this page.
Yes it did rain in London, surprise, surprise. A great excuse to play in my art journal I say.  😉

The following two pages were inspired by Teesha Moore‘s unique style. This is certainly not my usual style, but was a lot of fun. The first page I finished off on returning home. The second page still needs some more work.

 I thought I would add this image of my studio to celebrate ‘Whats on your Work desk Wednesday’. Artist Julia Dunnit’s blog Stamping Ground hosts an international party full of a variety of artists sharing their work/studio spaces. So I thought this week I would join in. This is what my work table looks like at the moment. Lots of ‘works in progress’……..as usual. he he he. =)

Wherever you may be in the world I hope you are feeling blessed, loved and supported.
Hugs, Kyles =D

Latest Mixed Media Artworks

I thought I’d show you some work I’ve completed. They haven’t all been done this week. I’m just a little behind in introducing them to the world. I’d love to hear what you think.
All of these original paintings, not prints, are now available in my store.
This post is a little later than I had hoped but I’ve been working on my latest mixed media class for LifeBook and have had many technical issues trying to get it uploaded. Thankfully all is done now and my class went live this week. Hooray!!!!!
This Angel was created as part of the class I am teaching in Angels in My Studio.
‘Angels Believe in You’ – A4 size
This cute girl has the most amazing, sparkling eyes, hence the name.
‘It’s all in the Eyes’ – 8″x10″
I love bunting. Who knew?
‘I Believe’ – 8″x10″ 
I really love the lost and found edges in this piece. I like how you can’t really tell where the background ends and the hair of the woman starts.
‘Lost in Thought’ – 8″x10″
Inspired by the amazing work of Flora Bowley.
‘Butterfly Bloom’ – 5″x7″
This piece was inspired by a good friend who lost her son at a very young age. A lot of love and went into this artwork, as well as a lot of love and sadness filled my heart while creating it.
‘Watching Over You’ – 8″x8″

I love the textured background in this one and the previous one. 
‘Contemplation’ – 8″x8″
This artwork is smaller than the rest, but still adorable.
‘At Peace’ – 6″x6″
Last but not least is this unusual commissioned piece.
‘Green Winged Angel’ 8″x8″
Whoops!! I nearly forgot this one:
‘There is Always Hope’
As always I love receiving comments and feedback and appreciate you taking the time to take a peek through this small window, called my blog, into the art/creative part of my life.
Kyles XO

A duo or trio of illustrations

These two mixed media illustrations were created along side each other, along with another which so far I have not worked on. For these I worked on Matt Board which I really enjoyed using and will certainly use again as my substrate.
‘Angel Above’ 

‘The Genius in Me’
I will finished the 3rd one, but until then here is all three in the early stages.
Yes these two are already in store.  😉
Hugs & Smiles,
Kyles   =D

While There’s Life, There’s Hope

This painting was inspired by two fellow artists, Cathy Bueti and Dee Champion. Both of whom are beautiful, inspiring, strong women who also happen to be cancer survivors.
Cathy is also the author of ‘Breastless in the City‘, which I read from cover to cover, in record time I must say. It was one of those books that once you begin reading you can’t put down. Definitely worth reading. To read more about Cathy’s book you can visit her here where you will also find a link to her blog.
I first met Dee on Tamara Laporte’s art website, Willowing.ning. This led me to her blog where I read about her survival story.
These two amazing women, strangers from across the globe, were the inspiration for this mixed media art piece. Thank you Cathy and Dee.
‘While There’s Life, There’s Hope’

This is now in my Etsy shop.
Kyles =D

I’m back with NEW Artwork.

How great it is to be back. My hubby, 3 children and I were away camping for 10 weeks. It was great being able to spend such fun and memorable times with my family but I’m so glad to be back in my own bed and back into painting.
Here are a few things I’ve finished of this week. These original mixed media paintings are all available in my Etsy store. I’ve been playing around with new styles and different techniques.
‘Prayers in the Garden’
‘Angel Blessings’

Now that I’m home I need to catch up on creating some artwork for the course ‘Life Book’ that I’m enrolled in both as a student and teacher. As a student I have so many classes to catch up on and as a teacher I still have another lesson to prepare which goes up in August. I also need to catch up with the students who have completed artwork from my class/techniques to give them feedback/comments.
As you may know, I am also enrolled in ‘Angles in my Studio’ both as a student and teacher. I need to catch up on class work and finish recording my lesson that goes up this month.
There has been so much wonderful artwork produced from these courses that I will dedicate a separate post for each course showing you the beautiful pieces that have been created.
Until then,
Hugs all round.
Kyles =D
P.S I would love to hear what you think of the different styles I’ve been playing around with. I do love hearing from you. xo

Mail Art Swap From The Secret Hermit

In January I took part in a ‘Mail Art Swap‘ with awesome artist Micki Wilde, otherwise know as ‘The Secret Hermit. I am so happy to say that the artwork from sweet Micki arrived and I love it. Thank you Micki. xo
Here it is:

And here is the artwork that I created especially for Micki. Her word for the year is ‘Nurture’, which is what I based my work around.

You can view more of Micki’s amazing work at:
Kyles =D

New Mixed Media Artwork

A few more finished mixed media artworks. Available in my etsy store.
‘Always Follow Your Bliss’
‘My Kimono’
‘A Bird in the Hand’
I’d really love some feedback regarding my store, so if you could do me a huge favor and take a peek, it would be greatly appreciated. You can leave a message (convo) by going to the ‘contact’ word on the left hand side of my store, just before the words ‘Shop info’ which are written in bold black writing.
I’d really like to here what you like and don’t like about my store. Do you like the look of the store? What about the prices? Anything I should change?
Comments on this post are still welcome here and appreciated.
Smiles, Kyles =D