How to create one of my mixed media ‘Little Angels’.

My Little Angel #4

 This is what my wood plaque looked like when I took the plastic off. I brought it from Spotlight, a fabric/craft/decor shop.

 These wood plaque are great to work on, particularly for mixed media pieces. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

 I first decided where I wanted my angel to be placed and sketched her in.

 Here you can see the wing template I made (out of card) to trace around. I use this so that both wings are the same. This is not necessary, as you may want them to look slightly different and that would be perfectly ok. However I always seem to draw a great right wing and the left always looks wrong, hence using the template.

 I wanted her halo to be perfectly round so I placed a small bowl exactly where I wanted the halo to go and traced around it.  You can use any circular object, it depends on how big or small you want the halo.

 I started to add some colour using my Caran D’Arche water-soluble crayons.

 I added colour to the body and to the background, making sure not to use too many colours and to use complimentary colours, ie orange is the complimentary colour to blue, etc.

 I pushed the crayon colours around with a wet brush, blending sections here and there.

 I worked on the colours some more and added some purple to the left hand side of the body to add depth.

 Here I added the hair colour as well as her headband. Detail was also added to the face.

 Using my wing template I traced and cut out some beautiful wings from an old hymn book. I made sure the text that appeared in the wings would relate to the angel somehow. The text in the left wings says, ‘with thy spirit’ and the right wings says, ‘glad at heart I am’.

Almost finished here. Just missing my felt hearts that I add on at the end. In the finished product the edges of the plaque are painted black, but I usually crop these out when I scan the final piece in to the computer, just like this one.

Things you’ll need:

  • Wood plaque
  • Graphite 
  • Watersoluable crayons
  • Acrylic paint
  • Gell pens
  • Old hymn book pages
  • Water jar and brushes.
  • Time and effort
  • Any other materials you see fit.
Good luck. If you try this, I’d love to see the end results. 
Best wishes,
Kyles =D
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How to create a Facebook Landing Page for your Fan Page.

Step 1: You need an image.

First decide what size you would like your landing page to be. The size I use is 500px wide and 525px high. My profile image is 200px wide and 600px high. If you want your profile image and your landing page image to line up, you will need to lay around with the heights of each.

UPDATE: Facebook yesterday announced changes to the ‘Facebook Pages’, which will come into effect March 10. You have the option now to switch to the updated version if want.
One of these changes is to the size of your FB Page image. It is going from 200px wide x 600px high to 180px wide x 540px high. Please take this into account when sizing your image and landing page, particularly if you want them to line up.

My Facebook Landing Page

My Fan Page Image 


  • Try to make the look of your Facebook Landing Page consistent with other profiles you have, such as your blog/website/etc.
  • You may want to consider making your profile image and landing page image  line up at the bottome for a more pleasing look. Take into consideration that your profile image starts higher up on the page and will still need to be greater in height to accommodate for this.
  • This part of the whole process is where creativeness needs to come into play, as the sky is the limit here. This is the fun part.
  • Make sure that your entire landing page fits into the screen when it loads. You don’t want people having to scroll down to view it all.

Step 2: Upload your image.

You need the code of your image. To get this you need to upload your image somewhere. Add it to your server or blog or any photo upload site, such as Flickr, etc. I uploaded mine to my Flickr site.

Step 3: Create a New Facebook Landing Page Tab.

To create a landing page tab you’ll need to do the following:

  • Go to your fan page.
  • Select ‘Edit Page’ (just under your profile image).
  • Select ‘Apps’.
  • Scroll down the list of apps until you find ‘Static FBML’. (If you can not find it go to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Browse more applications’.)

Once you have found it:

  • Click the FBML image or name.
  • Select ‘Add to my page’. (Here you select your fan page).

Go back to your page:

  • Select ‘Account’, ‘Manage pages’ and then ‘go to page’.

Another tab has now been created. It will be called ‘FBML1’.

Step 4: Change label/heading of your tab.

  • Go to ‘Edit page’,
  • ‘Apps’,
  • Find the FBML app (which may appear now as ‘Welcome – FBML’) and under the FBML image click ‘ Go to app’.

A box opens with the title of the tab ‘FBML 1’. This box is where the code (from your image) needs to go.

  • Select ‘Box Title’ and change the title to something that you like better. Mine says ‘Welcome’, or you could have ‘Look here’, ‘Hi there’ or ‘Check this out’. Be creative.

Step 5: Copy image code.

For this I will explain how to get the code from your image that has been uploaded to Flickr. Go to:

  • Flickr and then to your photostream.
  • Select your image. The one you want to appear as your Facebook Landing Page.
  • Select ‘Share this’ (under the ‘organize & create’ tab).
  • Click on ‘Grab the HTML/BBCode’
  • Left click ONCE anywhere on the code. This will highlight it all.
  • Right click and ‘Copy’ the code.

You’re almost finished. =)

Step 6: Paste the code.

You now need to go back to your Facebook Fan Page to paste the image code into the correct place (which we created in step 4).

  • Select ‘Account’, ‘Manage pages’ and then ‘go to page’.
  • Go to ‘Edit page’,
  • ‘Apps’,
  • Find the FBML app and under the FBML image click ‘ Go to app’.
  • Left click anywhere in the empty box.
  • Right click, ‘Paste’. You should now see the code from your image.
  • ‘Save changes’

You can now go back to your Fan Page, by clicking the link in the top left hand side of the page and clicking on your new tab. Your image should appear here. If you are happy with the result you then need to complete the last step.

My second landing page.

Step 7 – Final Step: Make your new tab/image  your new landing page (appear straight away when someone clicks on your page.).

  • ‘Edit page’.
  • ‘Manage Permissions’
  • ‘Default Landing Tab’ and choose your new tab title from the drop down box.
  • ‘Save changes.’

Whulllah! (I have no idea how you spell this).

The image above is a second landing page that appears on my fan page. It appears after a person clicks the ‘Like’ button, thanking them them for liking my page. Look out for a future post on how to create a 2-Page Facebook Landing page.

Pop on over to my Facebook Fan Page to view how this ‘landing page stuff’ looks in effect. To get ideas or for inspiration, it might be worth while looking at what other people have done.

Here are some examples I’ve found:

I do hope this was helpful and inspires you to create your own Landing Page.  I would love to see the end results, so feel free to post a link to your fan page.
Your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated, as always.

Kyles =D