Painting Up a Storm

I’ve been all over the place when it comes to creating lately. I’ve got many, many projects on the go in many different mediums, on many different substrates and in many different sizes.

‘Dream Catcher’ – Sold

I’ve consciously made the decision to let go of any expectations I or others may have and create purely from my intuition. All decisions, including decisions about topic, style, colour palette, medium, size, substrate, etc, etc are all made on the spot without too much thought. I’m creating by the seat of my pants, so to speak.

‘Feather Dreadlocks’

As a result I’ve found that I’m creating more and feel much happier while doing it. There is a kind of ‘freeing’ feeling about it all. A kind of liberation.

‘Mermaid Bubbles’

So I challenge you this week, this month, for the rest of this year to let go of what is slowing you down. To what is holding you back. To what or who is dulling your sparkle. Try creating for you. Do not plan. Do not predict or place expectations. Just grab your creative tools and start creating.

‘The Journey Begins’
 I’d love to hear what it is that holds you back from your creative endeavors.
Big Smiles,
Kyles =D

Winner of The Art Expo

I recently entered the Warracknabeal Art Expo competition, the theme being ‘Country Life’. I entered two art pieces in and won 1st prize with the following mixed media artwork, titled ‘Tyre Swing’. I’ve placed this artwork in my Blissful Pumpkin Art Store.
Click on the first image to visit my store.

‘Tyre Swing’

 I won ‘People’s Choice Award’ for my 2nd entry titled ‘Florascape’, which is approximately
1m x 1.2m on stretched canvas. I am very happy to say that this art piece has since sold.
Many thanks =D.


Mixed Media Artwork of late & a LifeBook lesson.

Hello there. Yes I know I should be posting more often. I have good intentions but things always seem to come up. The last few weeks have seen illness fill our home, including a few nights overnight stay in hospital with my youngest. I’m happy to report that everyone is now well and life is back to normal. Hallelujah!

Here a some of my completed mixed media artworks of late. You may have seen them already on facebook, as I find it much easier to post on facebook than creating a blog post, however I plan to post more regularly here. My blog also needs a serious makeover so hopefully I’ll get it done over the next month or so. Fingers crossed.

‘Tulip Appreciation’
‘Cafe Express’
‘Life is Perrrrfect’
‘Sunset Gal’
‘She wished she could Fly’
‘Alice & Friends’

‘Sail Away’

The top three are still available here. The last artwork was created in a lesson by Tamara Laporte’s Lifebook 2013 Course. You can still join in here. All lessons are downloadable so you can catch up at your own convenience. I highly recommend it.

School Holidays & Thinking of Prints

 School holidays have almost come to an end, which means when Monday comes all three children and my husband go back to school. My husband is the principal of the local Secondary school and my children go to the local primary school, so school holidays mean everyone is home. It means that we get to have family time each holidays without anyone missing out and I love that. In saying that….. Woo Hoo! Naaaaaaaaa, actually these holidays have been great. I am just looking forward to getting back to work (artwork that is, of course) =D.

 This first image is very special to me because it was created in conjunction with my 9 year old daughter, Louise. I had originally drawn half of the image up and was dissatisfied with it so I put it aside, not knowing if I would ever finish it off. Louise asked me if she could work on it. Once she had finished working on it and showed me, I immediately felt inspired to complete it. I told her due to her contribution that if I sold it that she could have the money. And guess what…….it sold. She is very happy indeed and I am one proud Mum.

‘Coffee Gratitude’ 
This image below came about from one of this years Lifebook classes by Tamara Laporte over at Willowing.ning. Thanks Tam. Tam’s classes are always inspiring.
‘Home is where Bunny is’
 Both originals have sold.
I’m planning on putting more art prints in my Etsy store, so if you have a favorite please let me know. I’d be grateful.
Kyles xo
P.S Thanks Jen xo

I’ve joined the Circus

I’ve been busy lately working on a few commissions as well as these mixed media art works. These two are sold but I’m thinking of putting prints of all my new paintings up for sale. What do you think?

‘Circus Excitement’ – Kylie Pepyat-Fowler

‘Circus Time’ – Kylie Pepyat-Fowler
I’m not sure where the circus idea came from. It sort of just appeared in the bottom one so I decided to carry this theme over to the top one.
The school holidays have begun here in Australia which means my husband and children are all home. I may not get in the studio much in the next two weeks but I feel some quality family time coming up.
I hope life is treating you kindly.
Kyles xo

I’m really back now!!

Wow! It’s been so long since my last post. I do however have various reasons for my absence. I have been posting a little to my facebook page but have neglected my blog.
My husband, children and I brought a house in Warracknabeal, 40 minutes away from where we were living in Horsham. We now live in a much smaller country town and my husband, for the first time ever, can walk to work. We’re a little further away from all of my family and friends in Melbourne, but it’s still doable. So the last few months I have been slowly unpacking and getting our house into some form of order.
As far as artwork goes, I’ve managed to do bits and pieces along the way, two of which are below and available in my store. I haven’t had time to pretty the images up, sorry.

I have been busy preparing artwork for my first exhibition. Unfortunately I am not progressing as I would have liked, but at least I’m progressing. Hopefully I’ll have enough pieces finished in time. I’ll let you know when and where when the time draws nearer.
I’ve also picked up an illustration job. YeeeHaaa!!! It’s not in any of my usual styles or even in any of the subject matter which I am drawn too, but I’m getting paid to draw and you can’t beat that. =D As part of my contract I am unable to share my illustrations with you. Maybe down the track once the book has been printed I may be allowed to show you snippets. I’ll have to see.
So between moving house, a commission artworks and my newly acquired illustration role, I have neglected my sad looking blog. My blog really needs a make over and is on my ‘To do’ list, like many other things.
Must go and get busy.
I hope this post finds you happy and well.
Big Smiles,
Kyles =D

Yes I’m Alive. What have I been up to??

Hey there. Wow! It’s been so long since my last post. I found myself using my Facebook Page more often, but unfortunately have neglected my blog. I must blog more often………..( it’s on my ‘To Do List’, like many, many other things.) 😉

Early February saw my 3 kids go back to school (currently they are: James 6, Jack 7 and Louise 8 ) after 6 weeks of Christmas school holidays. My husband was home for most of this time also, as he is a High School Principal in a nearby town, so it was great to have so much family time together. In saying that though, I was certainly ready for them all to return to school and was craving some routine and time back in the studio.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve been busy creating. I’ve finished quite a few pieces, including a few custom orders, and currently have many unfinished works about the place, which is usual for me.

Since 2009 I have been studying for a ‘Diploma in Visual Art’. I usually do 1 or 2 subjects a year to work around my family. Last year however, the University cut many courses, including mine. They are offering us a ‘Teach Out’, which means we have 12 months to complete the course, but unfortunately this is not long enough for me, as well as many other students, to finish. I was very disappointed in the beginning but now I’m looking at this as a forced change and am now open to whatever new opportunities the future may bring. After all when one door closes another door opens.
Knowing that I only have this year left in the course I have chosen a few subjects that involve having an exhibition at the end of the year. I have never had a proper exhibition before so the thought is some what daunting, but exciting. I’m excited about creating a large body of work, as usually I’m off in a few different directions at once, trying new styles and techniques and therefore my work is not consistent. Trying to stay on track with the same style/theme will be a huge challenge, but one I look forward to. The exhibition itself is something that I dread. It would be good if I could put all my work up and not have to be there. I don’t like being the center of attention, especially where I have to give speech. Ahhhhhhhhh!
Did I mention that we sold our house in January and are now looking to downsize and hopefully reduce or get rid of our mortgage. Wouldn’t that be great. Thankfully we have a long settlement which will give us plenty of time to find the perfect place. Needless to say we have spent hours and hours scouring the net looking for that ‘Perfect’ place.

To sum up this novel……..he he he……..I see 2013 to be a year of great change not only for myself but for my family and my obvious word for this year is:


Here are a few finished artworks of late:
‘Be Open’
‘A Present of Love’

‘Bunny Love’

‘Fairy Coffee Break’
‘Little Birdie Friend’

All of these artworks are available in my store. More images to follow.
I would be grateful if you would share on Facebook or Pinterest. See social media buttons below.
Smiles, Kyles =D

My Fairy Art Mother

This is my first piece of work from week 1 of LifeBook.

Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you very much for all your support throughout 2012. May 2013 bring you much joy and happiness, as well as loads and loads of art supplies…….he he he he.
Kyles XO

Lifebook Begins

Just a quick reminder that LifeBook begins 1st Jan. 
Over 1200 students have enrolled thus far. So if you would like 12 months of mixed media art classes, learning from 16 different instructors, including the amazing Tamara Laporte, then sign up now. Each week (yes all 52 weeks) you will be offered something new. It’s brilliant. I was one of the instructors for 2012’s LifeBook course and I can honestly say that this course is certainly the best value for money I have come across. Although I am not one of the instructors for 2013, I have enrolled as a student. I hope to see you there. 
May 2013 see all your dreams come true.
Hugs, Kyles =D