The Essential Artist’s Organising Tool

Art supplies storage at your fingertips. Yep! That’s right. I have just ordered myself one of these (oh so gorgeous) Slouch Pouch AKA: Large Pencil Cases, to keep so many of my favourite art supplies all together. This will be perfect for when I’m traveling.

I’ve ordered the large one, to fit more scrummy ‘can’t do without‘ art supplies, but it is also available in a smaller size. I think I may just need both. Click on the ‘I Want One Of These’ button below to order yours today.

I think I may need to order more for Christmas presents. What do you think? Order yours now and cross a few names from your Christmas List.

The Essential Artist’s Tool

Studio Slouch Pouch / Pencil Case / Zippered Organiser Case / Art Supplies Pouch


Kyles xo

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