5 Steps to Finding Your Art Style

5 Ways

1. Don’t force it. Create often. Create because you love it. Style is something that develops naturally over time and is not noticed in one painting, but over many. Others will tell you if they recognise your work, probably well before you think you even have a style. Style is the last thing you should be concentrating on, but instead you should be enjoying your creative journey while your style inevitably develops.

2. Enjoy the journey & don’t compare.  Accept where you are at the moment on your journey and understand that everyone else, regardless of their skills, are at different stages of their own journeys. Therefore it is crazy to compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique and so shall your artwork be. Can you imagine how boring art would be if we all produced exactly the same thing?

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”– Judy Garland

3. Experiment and play. You can learn a lot from experimenting. Get out your supplies and play with each and every one of them. See which you prefer to use and which you don’t. Try using supplies together that you haven’t used together before. What happens when I put ink over watercolour? What happens if I use masking fluid under Acrylic paint? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different supplies, different techniques, different sizes of paper, canvas, wood etc. Even if after a day of creating the only thing you have learnt is what ‘not to do’. You have still learnt something.

A step forward is still a step in the right direction, not matter how small.

4. Be true to you and what you are drawn to. (Excuse the pun, lol) Ask yourself, what it is that you like to draw/paint? What type of paintings do you like? What are they about? What is it that you like about them? Are you into portraiture or real life? What about landscape or abstract paintings? Maybe you like to doodle and might like to get into Zentangling. Maybe you want to combine the things you love into one painting/drawing. There is no wrong way to approach your artwork, only different ways. Do what you find the most enjoyable. Aim to please yourself before worrying about pleasing anyone else.

Do what you love and the love will follow.

5. Learn from as many different artists as possible. You will learn different things from different people, so take as many classes as possible from as many different artists as possible, either in person or online. You will take with you the skills and inspiration that resinate with you and leave the rest. Eventually you will have a plentiful supply of skills and inspiration to draw from and instinctively come up with your way of doing things, leading to your style. To find out more about my online classes, click here or for my collaborative courses, where I teach with other instructors, click here.

If you create often (as well as experiment with supplies, techniques and learning from different people),  your style will inevitably shine through.

Happy creating,

Kyles =D

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