My Artful Journey Retreat

I am now back from an adventure of a lifetime. At the end of February I and fellow companion Jenni D’Amato traveled across the seas to the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California, for a 4-day art retreat, An Artful Journey, organised by the wonderful Cindy Woods.

Our amazing instructors, Danielle Daniels and Mindy Lacefield kept us entranced throughout their joint workshop, and inspired us to work to the wee hours of the morning if we so chose. As well as Danielle and Mindy’s class there were other workshops running simultaneously, including classes instructed by Stephanie Lee, Albie Smith, Katie Kendrick and DJ Pettit.

I was not expecting the smiles, laughter and companionship of like minded souls that filled the rooms, the buildings and corridors of this wonderfully stunning retreat. I am extremely grateful for everyone that shared a piece of themselves with Jenni and I and it was with a very heavy heart that we waited in the empty dinning hall for our ride to the San Jose Airport, to start our long trip back home to Australia. The dining hall, which once was filled with the chit chat and laughter of beautiful creative women during meal times was now filled with the eerie sound of silence and the happy memories of the previous few days. Congratulations Cindy on a success event.

Thank you so very much Danielle, Mindy, Jennifer, Courtney, Sylvan, Jackie, Jenni, Char, Catherine, Karen, Annie, Bev, Lisa, Crystal, JenEve, Stephanie, Heather, Tracy and Nelli. You ladies rock!

Kyles xo

15 thoughts on “My Artful Journey Retreat

  1. Hi kylie, it seems like a dream now, it really was a fab class, so much fun, all those sweet dolls emerging and a beautiful venue. So lucky to have shared it all with such lovely souls x


  2. Lovely post! I was sitting next to you two at the painting event. Enjoyed talking to you! I'm so glad you had a wonderful experience. This is was my fourth AAJ and I certainly hope there is more to come!


  3. Great blog post! So glad you had the chance to come out to An Artful Journey – like Kelly, I have attended four times and each time is magical. Here's to Cindy hosting such a special retreat!


  4. Tracey, it was such a wonderful experience and then best parts were the connections made with such awesome like-minded souls, like yourself. I can't believe I have never gone on a retreat before this one. xo


  5. Lucy, this retreat was far more wonderful than I ever expected. Being with like-minded people for a few days was fantastic. I do hope you get the chance to experience a retreat sometime soon. It is certainly good for the soul. xo


  6. Hi Kelly, yes i remember you. You are so lucky to have had this experience four times. I'm hoping that Jenni and I can make the next one. I should start saving now. =D It was nice to meet you and hopefully we'll cross paths again on the 2016 AAJ. xo


  7. Hi gorgeous gal, I sure miss you. What a wonderful experience we had, both at AAJ and during our adventures in San Fran. Lets start planning our next adventure together. I can't wait.


  8. Hi Heather, It was a great experience. I too am grateful for new found friendships. I do hope you, Tracey, Jenni and I get to have another retreat adventure together. I look forward to it. xo


  9. Hi Monica, You are also lucky to have attended four times. I can certainly understand why you would continue to go. I hope that I'm lucky enough to attend again. I really liked the scrappy journal you made for the silent auction. It was beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hopefully, if I'm lucky, I'll get to see you in 2016 at the next AAJ. xo


  10. Lovely Linda,
    Great to see you here. It was truly a wonderful experience. The connections made with both instructors and fellow students were the most enjoyable part of being away. I felt very privileged to have these amazing women want to share their stories with me. It was a journey I look forward to having again. It's amazing what it feels like to spend time with people who are just like you. I hope you get to experience this Linda. xo


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