Painting Up a Storm

I’ve been all over the place when it comes to creating lately. I’ve got many, many projects on the go in many different mediums, on many different substrates and in many different sizes.

‘Dream Catcher’ – Sold

I’ve consciously made the decision to let go of any expectations I or others may have and create purely from my intuition. All decisions, including decisions about topic, style, colour palette, medium, size, substrate, etc, etc are all made on the spot without too much thought. I’m creating by the seat of my pants, so to speak.

‘Feather Dreadlocks’

As a result I’ve found that I’m creating more and feel much happier while doing it. There is a kind of ‘freeing’ feeling about it all. A kind of liberation.

‘Mermaid Bubbles’

So I challenge you this week, this month, for the rest of this year to let go of what is slowing you down. To what is holding you back. To what or who is dulling your sparkle. Try creating for you. Do not plan. Do not predict or place expectations. Just grab your creative tools and start creating.

‘The Journey Begins’
 I’d love to hear what it is that holds you back from your creative endeavors.
Big Smiles,
Kyles =D

10 thoughts on “Painting Up a Storm

  1. Your girls are just so lovely and all look reflective and calm. My subconscious lets me down and hinders me sometimes, as I see so much great art out there I then wonder whether I am any good. So funnily enough, this week I am just drawing whatever my pen is telling me to do even if it is a bit daft and I am having fun!


  2. Thank you lovely Linda. I think we all, as artist, suffer from this problem, but I found that following my intuition usually makes me happy and we need to be happy with our work and while doing it. Once you've created the work the opinion of others is out of your hands. I'm glad you're having fun. xo


  3. such beautiful paintings, i love them all. But especially feather dreadlocks.
    I think what holds me back from my creative endeavours is that i am not good enough, that i don't measure up somehow and then i get a creative block


  4. Hello Heidi, Thank you very much. I completely understand what you're saying. This happens to me also. Your work is amazing. Please remember that. I love your sweet little characters. They are fabulous. If you create to make yourself happy then you've succeeded and if others happen to like it too (which, in your case, I have no doubt they will) then that is a bonus. Happy creating xo


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