Celebrate – My newest whimsical mixed media page

I thought I’d show you my latest page created during LifeBook. Can you believe that over 300 people have enrolled in LifeBook 2013 already.
This page was created from one of Tam’s lessons.
So if you’ve been thinking about signing up, what are you waiting for? You can join up here.
Hugs, Kyles =D

8 thoughts on “Celebrate – My newest whimsical mixed media page

  1. Hi Kylie, I really love this cute artwork and have pinned it to my pinterest page too ๐Ÿ™‚ The girl and animals are so cute!! I have been thinking about signing up to Life Book but am not sure if i will stay committed for the whole year. It sounds fantastic however. Will have a bit more of a think. I hope alls well with you!!


  2. Hi Wini, Thank you very much. The great thing about LifeBook is that all the course material is downloadable and you can do it as you find the time. It's such great value for money. I'm doing it in 2013, although I'll not be teaching. I hope you are well. XO


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