Latest Mixed Media Artworks

I thought I’d show you some work I’ve completed. They haven’t all been done this week. I’m just a little behind in introducing them to the world. I’d love to hear what you think.
All of these original paintings, not prints, are now available in my store.
This post is a little later than I had hoped but I’ve been working on my latest mixed media class for LifeBook and have had many technical issues trying to get it uploaded. Thankfully all is done now and my class went live this week. Hooray!!!!!
This Angel was created as part of the class I am teaching in Angels in My Studio.
‘Angels Believe in You’ – A4 size
This cute girl has the most amazing, sparkling eyes, hence the name.
‘It’s all in the Eyes’ – 8″x10″
I love bunting. Who knew?
‘I Believe’ – 8″x10″ 
I really love the lost and found edges in this piece. I like how you can’t really tell where the background ends and the hair of the woman starts.
‘Lost in Thought’ – 8″x10″
Inspired by the amazing work of Flora Bowley.
‘Butterfly Bloom’ – 5″x7″
This piece was inspired by a good friend who lost her son at a very young age. A lot of love and went into this artwork, as well as a lot of love and sadness filled my heart while creating it.
‘Watching Over You’ – 8″x8″

I love the textured background in this one and the previous one. 
‘Contemplation’ – 8″x8″
This artwork is smaller than the rest, but still adorable.
‘At Peace’ – 6″x6″
Last but not least is this unusual commissioned piece.
‘Green Winged Angel’ 8″x8″
Whoops!! I nearly forgot this one:
‘There is Always Hope’
As always I love receiving comments and feedback and appreciate you taking the time to take a peek through this small window, called my blog, into the art/creative part of my life.
Kyles XO

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