New Mixed Media Artwork on Wood

I thought I’d share some more work in my store. More to come.
I’d love to hear what you think.
There is still time to enter my Giveaway.
Classes on Lifebook have been great and I am so proud at the response to my class. It’s never to late to join in. Click here for more details.

17 thoughts on “New Mixed Media Artwork on Wood

  1. These are just amazing, and I am going to not wash the floors today so I can head over and watch your class on lifebook… so behind on that I am embarrassed, but blaming not internet for 10 days… doesn't excuse the first two lessons I didn't get to yet either, but will get there I am sure… lovely work…xx


  2. These are beautiful Kylie. They seem to have a different quality about them being on wood. The eyes are especially lovely on all of them.

    Glad to hear your class is going so well. Unfortunately I have not joined the Lifebook Class. For me I find that with workshops with lots of different classes I tend to end up only doing a couple and then get frustrated with myself. If you ever decide to do your class as a stand-alone, count me in.


  3. ooo, I really like the rounded corners! It lends a sort of softness to the pieces. They are all so cute…I like the second girl especially πŸ™‚
    That waterscape is sure pretty, too!


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