Mixed Media ATC swap. For Lucy.

The theme for the month of November was ‘Ancestors’ and I was partnered with the lovely
Prudence Pudleduck of ‘Puddle Duck Grange’ blog.
Here are the ATC’s I sent to Debi:

I don’t think they photographed very well, so I was reluctant to post them. So at the request of sweet
Lucy Chen, here they are.

Kyles =D

12 thoughts on “Mixed Media ATC swap. For Lucy.

  1. They are very precious to me! I later researched this art form..Papunya Tula artist and discovered the history of this spiritual expression. I have since been to art galleries and have seen attempts at this art form, thank you to Kyles, I am inspired and enlightened. Her art is true to form and compliments the history. puddleduckgrange.blogspot.com thank you for the visit…Merry Christmas from Canada♥


  2. Hi Deb, Thank you very much. I'm so glad you like them. I don't think they photographed very well. What do you think? I preferred them in person. I'm glad I inspired you to look into this art form. xo


  3. Hi Lucy, Thank you very much. I used gel pens called 'Souffle'. They worked brilliantly. They are made by Sakura (www.sakuraofamerica.com) They write on a variety of surfaces and give a slight 3D look. =D


  4. Thanks lovey Sunshine, they did look better in person. These photos are so bad I wasn't going to post them, but Lucy (above) asked to see them so I did. When does Bailey find out how she did in the contest? xo


  5. Hey there Cameron, Thank you. I created these one evening while I watched telly. (tv). I'm not sure how long they took as I was enjoying making them and watching tv at the same time. I find time is not an issue if you're doing something that is fun. As they say 'time flys when you're having fun'. xo
    P.S I'm still so in love with my coffee artwork. =D


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