Sneek peek at my new Mixed Media Portrait

Ok, here is a sneak peek of my newest commission. I think I may be giving away too much here. I hope the portrait recipient does not follow by blog. eeek! This commission is going to be a Christmas gift, hence the sneeky peek only.
Still trying to get more creative with my pics. 
I’m also working on small original works of art for my Esty store. How scary? As well as working on the classes I’ll be teaching on Tamara Laport’s course, LifeBook.
If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late. To find out more click on the image below.
Kyles =D

8 thoughts on “Sneek peek at my new Mixed Media Portrait

  1. Hi Kyles, thank you for your good wishes about my new store! Good luck with your commission. From the bit that I can see, it looks like its coming along well! Congrats on being a Life Book teacher. The class sounds fantastic!! Have fun creating new works for your Etsy store.Happy Monday! Wini xo


  2. @Wini
    Hi Wini, Thank you for stopping by. It's great to see you here. I'm very excited about LifeBook, as I'll be working alongside many talented and lovely artists, including the wonderful Tam (Willowing). Hope you're having a fab day.
    Kyles =D


  3. @Cathy BuetiHi there Cathy, Thank you very much. It's funny how life works. A few days ago I was on your blog and saw your book. I ended up heading over to Amazon and brought myself a copy. I will let you know when it arrives, although I don't expect it to arrive soon, as I live in Australia. But I am looking forward to reading your story.
    Big hugs to you, my brave blog friend.
    Kyles xo


  4. Hi Kyles,
    Your portraits look lovely. I love the one of your mom.
    You asked me how I attached the images to the wood blocks, and I use a good quality glue stick, that goes on in an even thin coat. I then use a clean brayer to even lay the image onto the wood.
    I hope that helps! Keep up the wonderful creating, and thanks for visiting my blog!


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