Lady Bug Journal Page. Jane Davenport Inspired. =)

My first journal entry in my new beautiful journal that I brought from Jane Davenport, during a recent visit to her gorgeous store ‘The Institute of Cute’.
Obviously inspired by Jane’s store and her love for cute lady bugs.
Speaking of Jane, she has a new online workshop ‘Supplies Me’
 Supplies Me is an online workshop about art supplies with an emphasis on use in visual/art Journals. Jane has designed a program of intensive (not scary!) drawing lessons, to truly understand and unlock the potential of your art supplies and journal. The focus in this workshop is on faces and the figure. So as you are experimenting with using your art supplies in different ways, you will also be learning the basic structure of the feminine face and how to shade, colour and render it. Jane will also share her fashion illustration experience and get you drawing the female figure with ease. 
So if this sounds as good to you as it does to me, you may sign up here.
No, I am not an affiliate, I just love her work. =D
As usual, your feedback is most welcome. Prints will be available from my store shortly.

32 thoughts on “Lady Bug Journal Page. Jane Davenport Inspired. =)

  1. What a gorgeous first page, so inpiring and the colours are wonderful, they just pop. I can never get my greens and reds to do that. I love the ladybird wings too.

    I have signed up for Jane's class, can't wait to start.


  2. @linda
    Thank you very much Linda. I'm quite fond of this one at the moment.
    I'm wanting to do Jane's course, as well as Tam's. Just have to check with the minister of finance first…..he he he. Has my artwork arrived yet? Probably not yet, I imagine.
    Kyles =D


  3. I always love to see what you've created–always good! I signed up for Jane's class–very excited for it, and it's perfect for me–I must have every art supply known to man 🙂


  4. You really are so very talented, this is a wonderful journal spread 🙂
    Thank you for dropping by my very neglected blog, I don't seem to have time to share much lately.


  5. Hi Kylie,

    What wonderful girls! What exactly does Modigliani inspired mean? I see you follow Jane Davenport and are taking her Supplies Me class. I am too! I can't wait. She is so wonderful. I love your blog and your pics.



  6. @Nancy Melbourn
    Hi Nancy,
    I recently participated in an ATC swap over at and the theme was 'inspired by famous artists' So I copied two of Amedeo Modigliani's works for my ATCs. After creating them I was inspired to draw a few more girls.

    Yeah, I enjoy following Jane and can't wait for her class to start.
    Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comments.
    Kyles =D


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