My Modigliani inspired Girls

Modigliani inspired – Red
Modigliani inspired – Martina
 I have more of these Modigliani girls, but I will show you in the next post. I will be putting these originals in my store. You can find them at Blissful Pumpkin Etsy Store
As always, you feedback is welcome and appreciated. 
Kyles =D

20 thoughts on “My Modigliani inspired Girls

  1. Oooh – wonderful! I love your Modigliani inspired girls… The ones in the post below are great, and it is so fun to see them translated into your own style in this post… Fantastic!



  2. Your girls are so pretty and summery. They shine happiness and pureness! Thank you so much for your beautiful message: Blissful Pumpkin is so the right name for you, for this shines through you!


  3. @lindaHi Linda, Thank you very much. I have three more girls done in the same 'Modigliani style' to post. Alice is my favorite out of these three also. She was my first attempt. I didn't plan to do a series. It just happened. Some things, I guess, are just meant to be. =D


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