Blissful Pumpkin 1st Market Day Sketch/Drawings

How I passed the time while selling my Portraits and Mixed Media Art Prints at my very first market.
Dancing Angel Market Sketch
Little Birdie Market Sketch
Although I only sold one 5×7″ matted art print, I enjoyed the time out from normal family life and it gave me time to draw, while attending my stall. I planing on doing it again next month and will have my fingers crossed until then.
Kyles =D

21 thoughts on “Blissful Pumpkin 1st Market Day Sketch/Drawings

  1. Oh thank you Angelself and Sunny.
    I really enjoyed being there and it was quiet time that I wouldn't have gotten had I been at home (I have 3 kids 6,5 and 4). Although my daughter came with me and enjoyed herself also. She did a little drawing also. Like mother, like daughter.

    I look forward to next months market, but in the meantime I will try to go to a different market, which is more artsy oriented.

    Thank you both for your encouragement. It really does help. Big hugs to you both.

    Kyles =D


  2. your sketches are beautiful…..and a lovely way to spend your time… which market did you do? im doing my first one at the end of the end of the month….the square handmade market at the bendigo town hall… would be a good one for you too next quarter….


  3. I enjoy going to these also, and sometimes sales are slow, but like you, I make the most of my time. I like just getting out and talking to people and catching up with other artist friends.


  4. Thank you Di, Linda and Anjas,

    I did some very nice people while I was there. If I had been at home I wouldn't been able to get these drawings done.

    Hopefully I'll colour them this week.

    Thank you ladies.

    Kyles =D


  5. Yeah…I know about the “time thing”!! I actually make about 5 different types of journals, some with sewn in pages, some with spiral bound, etc. They sell really well…I wish I would take the time to do more of them but they only happen when I feel inspired! I have about 15 of them in varying stages right now….hmmm…maybe tomorrow?! I did make 3 new dollies today (the ones from the cabin this weekend)! Hopefully pictures on my blog tomorrow or the next day,


  6. Hi Kyles! I love your market sketches! I have to admire your great use of time creating and being in the moment while presenting your art to the world! Well done!


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