My Little Angel No.3 – Mixed Media on wood

Mixed media on wood. 7×7″

I am in the middle of making another and documenting my process. Hopefully I will post my process on my blog soon. Keep an eye out for that. =D
Matted prints of my ‘Little Angels’ will be available in my Etsy store in February, among other work, that has yet to be uploaded.

11 thoughts on “My Little Angel No.3 – Mixed Media on wood

  1. Thank you Di & Jess. I've almost finished another one and have photographed the process. I will post these as soon as I'm able. Being kept busy today watching the flood waters come up to our house. Most of our road is covered (the river is at the end of our Road)and I expect to wake up in the morning to a river running past us, as apposed to a road.
    Thanks again for looking and commenting on my work. You guys rock.
    Kyles =D


  2. Ohh thanks Kristin. I'm both excited and nervous about the opening of my Etsy shop. Although that hasn't been on my mind at all today, as we woke up this morning to find our road has turned into a river, literally. I'm in Horsham, Victoria in Australia and am in one of the flooded areas. The water is approximately 3-4 meters from our house. Just hoping it starts to drop soon.
    Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it.
    Kyles =D


  3. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Thank you also for your lovely comments. It really makes my day when what I create is enjoyed by other people. It means a lot. It really does.

    Kyles =D


  4. Hello from Jan in Texas! What adorable angels you've painted…your use of color is sort of wild and mellow at the same time.

    I enjoyed scrolling through your blog (love the “you'll also like” feature, don't you?) and so far my favorite is Lady in the Vines…she's so optimistic looking (as gardeners must be ;~)

    Did you paint the facebook profile picture?

    Following your blog now, so I can nag you to get on that Etsy store! :~)
    Be well,


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