Blog Giveaway – Mixed media art print

I have great news. I entered a giveaway on Angela’s blog, ‘A kaleidoscope of shapes and colour’ and I won. Can you believe that. I won this wonderful art print from mixed media artist, Flor Larios, titled ‘Maternity’. I almost fell off my chair when I opened my email from Angela, informing me that I had one. How lucky am I? Thank you to Angela and Flor for organizing this giveaway.

If you are interested in this art print, Flor has this print, plus many more,  up for sale in her Etsy store. She has a large collection of prints, original art, jewelery, mirrors, calendars, etc, so do yourself a favor and have a look. You wont be disappointed.

Kyles =D

4 thoughts on “Blog Giveaway – Mixed media art print

  1. Thank you so much Kyles for this lovely post and for participating in the giveaway. Hope you like my print and please let me know when you receive it.
    I am glad I met you and got to know your beautiful art!


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