Angel artwork No.2 – Mixed Media on wood.

This is the second of my little angels.
Mixed media on wood. The next one I will post soon. This one is my favourite out of the three. Which is your favourite?

4 thoughts on “Angel artwork No.2 – Mixed Media on wood.

  1. Hello Helen and welcome to my blog.Thank you very much. I love to paint angels and the addition of the hearts is a fairly new thing for me. My real passion is EYES. I'm actually a portrait artist, but of late I've become addicted to a more whimsical style. It all depends on if I have a commissioned portrait to do, or how much time I have (as I have 3 young kids), who or what is influencing me at the time, etc, to what style I paint/draw. Thanks for following my art adventures. Kyles =D


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