My Angel Art Trio – work in progress.

I just LOVE to paint/draw angels. So I decided to start a series on little angels. My only guide is, if my daughter like it then I’m doing ok. =)
These are mixed media pieces on wood. I’m following my Bliss.
Kyles =D

13 thoughts on “My Angel Art Trio – work in progress.

  1. I'm in South Australia, and the locusts have been pretty bad here, they seem to be moving on now. Going for a walk is a bit scary, gotta have your sunnies on and locusts are flying into your hair and all over you – yuk


  2. Oh thank you Diane. I'm almost finished the other two and hope to post them soon. My daughter, Louise, who is almost 7, loves them. She seems to want everything I create. I'm so lucky to have a personal cheerleader around me. She is creative too and loves to copy what I'm doing. I may post her efforts also. Thanks for commenting Di =D


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